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Software Dev and Agile October 27, 2013

Posted by Midhun in None.

There is a lot of Gung-ho about Agile methodology and software development. A lot of firms have taken it up for better productivity and better results in software development.

Going by the way the methodology preaches, there does seem to be a value add. As you let the Product Owner prioritize and stakeholders see the demo of working software, they get to know whether the software is capable of adding/creating the value that they need from it. If not, then change the requirements that instant and you have a better version in the next sprint.

So continuous feedback is a great thing. But as all say, Agile is about change in mindset. The developers have to get it into their mind that the requirements will change quickly – hence what they develop today is not the “ultimate” one. This brings out more value out of the software development.

But looking at a different perspective, the developers have goals are short term. They have some (if not a lot) pressure to complete a chunk of code in the sprint. This leads to times of constant pressure – ONLY IF the commitment is not made accurately.

Agile is a great way to deliver value to customers. The developers and the team need to make sure that their work-life balance remains intact too.



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