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My Delhi Manifesto: Issues October 24, 2013

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Most women staying in Mumbai do not like to travel to Delhi. Their reason – lack of safety for women. Most men staying in Mumbai do not like to travel to Delhi. Their reason – lack of professionalism and an always-ready-to-fight attitude of the people of Delhi, in general. One of this problem is solvable. The other . . . well . . .

Delhi has some good things going for it. Solid infrastructure, awesome food, a rich culture. But it has some shortfalls, too. None though which cannot be fixed. I have tried to look at a few of them and list them down for my readers. Will welcome your comments on anything critical if I have missed.

Here are the issues, that in my mind need to be addressed:

  • Women’s Safety: We CANNOT have a lax attitude toward women’s safety. We just cannot. As stated above, the general image of Delhi in the minds of women across the country is that of the “Rape Capital” of the country. It is insulting, but not far from truth. This HAS to go. With so many top policy makers sitting right here, it’s a shame if we cannot do anything to improve the security of the city. Specially the capital of the nation.
  • Electricity Problems: Really? Electricity problems? In 2013? Living in Mumbai feels like a superior experience, despite the city not having such a well-developed infrastructure as Delhi. Why? Because it has solved the problem of electricity. In the 5 years that I stayed in Mumbai, I did not experience even 5 power cuts. And when it happened, it lasted not more than five minutes. Yes, they have solved it. It’s now upon us. The image of a child studying under a streetlight makes for good stories when they are from the 1970s. Not when they are from 2013.
  • “Tu Jaanta Hai Main Kaun Hoon?” ( The Law & Order problem): Nobody in Delhi knows who the person asking this question is (So, no. Main nahi jaanta tu kaun hai), but everybody knows this question. Yes, Delhi is the seat of top politicians and industrialists, but more than that – it looks like – it’s the seat of betas of these pseudo-celebrities.
  • Improve Traffic: we have vastly superior roads than a city like Mumbai. Yet, the traffic situation is no better. Why?
  • Improve Public Hygiene: Seriously. You just need to look at the faces of foreign tourists who visit the city (and the country, in general) to get an idea of how bad this is. We cannot have men answering their call of the nature just about anywhere. The city, with it’s solid infrastructure, looks awesome. But the hygiene has to keep up with that, too
  • General Safety: I should be able to go out at 1 in the morning and come back in one piece, wearing everything that I went out wearing, including my watch, with my phone still in my pocket, and the money still in my wallet. Aah, sounds like a dream already. Is someone listening?

And after reading all of the points again, I cannot help but ask the same question again – is someone listening ?

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