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Driving in Mumbai traffic October 10, 2013

Posted by Midhun in None.

Mumbai has got very hectic traffic and it is known for it. But driving here is supposed to be better than other cities. There is said to be more lane discipline and people follow traffic signals better.

But driving in Mumbai for a year and half now, I feel a lot can be improved. A lot that the Mumbai Traffic police can do along with the Town Planning team.

  1. Foremost – make roads better. This contributes a lot in the speed at which vehicles move. Every vehicle slowdown effects all the vehicles behind and it has a ripple effect.
  2. Mark roads better – this should include better road signs so that new drivers do not waste time slowing down and asking for instructions
  3. Lane driving marking – all lanes must be marked as to which traffic should be in that lane. This should be marked well before a turning or diversion. Only the inner most lane should be for U turns (when and where possible).
  4. Lane driving enforcement – traffic police needs to put in effort to catch the culprits not following the lane discipline.
  5. Stop plying of heavy vehicles – Heavy vehicles should not be allowed during the time when they city traffic is on. They should be allowed only during the night time – its easy for them too and the city traffic.


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