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Making Pasta October 6, 2013

Posted by Midhun in None.

And at last I made my first dish of Pasta 😀

I am known for my non-cooking skills. But last time when one of my friend made Pasta at home, I was amazed at the simplicity of how it can be done if you have the right Pasta sauce. So I got the basic requirements- Del Monte’s Spirille Pasta and Dr Otekar’s Pasta and Pizza sauce.

I must admit that I underestimated the task – coming from my experience of making Maggi. I boiled the pasta for few mins (the pack said 9-11 mins) in salted water. I was checking for the structure of the Pasta to make sure that it has boiled properly. Once done, I started off with the Pasta sauce and cheese slices in another vessel and then put in the strained Pasta. I was happy in making it 🙂 But when I had my first bite, then I realized that the Pasta did not boil nicely 😦

Being determined to eat proper Pasta, I reboiled the sauteed Pasta. This time I made sure it has boiled properly by nibbling small pieces. Once done, I sauteed again with a batch of fresh Pasta sauce. There it was – my first Pasta. Not bad !!! 😀



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