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Learn from failure December 9, 2008

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As I was going through my Google reader today, I found this small but good article on learning from failure.  As our start-up is also going though rough patches, I could co-relate to it well. Although I might have have the contacts, I did learn a lot from my experience – professionally and personally. And these would stay with me – all my life.

Indeed, I am fortunate that I am able to try what I want to do due to the support of my Family and Friends.  The same would not be the situation, say, may be for my Dad who had other priorities when he had started earning.  I don’t have great responsibilities on my shoulders now and I can mould my life as I want. I am happy that I am doing what I want to do – whether it might end in a success or a failure. 😀


Satvik Food Festival, IIMA December 7, 2008

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I had been to the food festival at the new Indian Institute of Management Campus, Ahmedabad. It is organized by SRISTI. I have heard of Prof. Anil Gupta of IIM A who also co-ordinates SRISTI from many people and his unique way of discovering rural innovations called Shodh Yatra.

As it was a Sunday,  I expected it to be crowdy. I went in with a friend of mine from IIM A. As I parked my bike and walked to the entrance of the food festival, I realized how much space the new campus has got. There was a lot of space to park the cars and the two-wheelers. And still there was enough space to host the food festival.

It was in fact partly a food festival and a display of National Innovation Foundation (NIF). In the centre and to one corner were placed some innovations with the innovators. Some them which are remember include an Amphibious Bicycle. It was really great to see the simplicity of it.  I had heard of a washing machine made from a bicycle. It is called Washing cum Exercise Machine. I opened all the small doors attached to the modified bicycle and examined it. Such a nice application. Also there was a bicycle with an  equipment for spraying pesticides automatically as you ride.

Then was a Sugarcane bud cutter. The guy says that it costs just Rs400 but it saves a lot for the farmer. And then came an interesting device. It was a Mosquito trap.  Unique in shape, this device is said to trap the mosquitoes by attracting them with a smell. The mosquitoes then enter a transparent container which is exposed to sunlight. They get killed by the heat. It does not require any kind energy supply. That was cool. 🙂

The last of all is a relaxing chair. It is made in such a way that it stretches into a flat piece and with a little strain on your tummy and legs, it can be brough back to the position of a chair. All this mechanism is hosted so that it swings as you sit or sleep. It costs Rs 2700.  Its on the higher side for me. But seeing the quality of the chair, may be its worth spending for people with deeper pockets.

The crowd by now had irritated me a lot. As our group went around, we had Tomato, Garlic bhajiya. Next was real good dose of Guvava juice. As the places were pretty crowded we just went seeing stalls to stalls. Leo had a good discussion in a stall asking to ban GM food.

Overall it was a good place to see innovations rather than eat food… 😉

A new determination :) December 6, 2008

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The last post written in August shows how careless I am. I have always been attracted to blogging. But haven’t just given it enough time. As life takes a new turn in this period of my life, I am now determined to blog more. To let express my self more – so that I think more – and live more. Both professionally and personally.